Bank of England New Banknote Films

The Bank of England has launched a series of new short films. Each film is just 3 minutes long and supports retailers and businesses to train staff to check genuine banknotes and raise awareness of the importance of doing so. They may also be useful to members of the public who want to know how to check their own banknotes.

There are two new short films which retailers can use to encourage staff to focus checking on the key security features on the paper £20 and paper £50 notes – the two most commonly counterfeited notes. These complement the existing videos for the £5 and £10 notes. 

A further film includes security features on all current banknotes. Businesses are encouraged to view the films, update existing training packages and share with their staff to ensure they have access to the latest advice. You can view the films here or please contact for MP4 files which can be uploaded on to your own training platforms.

Gift Card/Voucher Scam

Banknote Checking Scheme Launched

The Bank of England has launched a new Banknote Checking Scheme which is aimed at cash-handling businesses and promotes checking at point of sale through targeted training.

Its aim is to reduce the number of counterfeit notes being accepted and to reduce losses to businesses through targeted training.

Any retailer or business can sign up as a supporter of the Scheme which is free to join.

For more information see the press release  or visit the Bank of England website.

The Bank will be hosting webinars on 9 and 14 November to explain more about the scheme and provide any opportunity for retailers and businesses to ask questions about the Scheme.

If you have any questions please contact: or telephone us on 020 3461 7730.


Scottish Polymer Notes

The new Scottish £10 notes will be issued in Autumn 2017. Click leaflet to find out more.

Scottish Polymer Notes 180917

Bank of England Polymer Notes

The new Bank of England £10 note is here. Click leaflet for more information.

The new Bank of England £10 note


Cyber Security Tool Kit launched by British Retail Consortium


A Cyber Security Toolkit has been launched in London by the British Retail Consortium (BRC). The aims; to provide retailers with guidance so they have the appropriate preventative and response measures to reduce their vulnerabilities and to protect themselves and customers.

The toolkit is available to download.