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Asda Stores value their membership of RAC Northern Ireland and see it as a positive way to prevent retail crime by both individuals and organised crime gangs. We benefit from the sharing of intelligence and Police liaison. This self-help approach is positively acknowledged by critical stake holders".

Asda Northern Ireland

Mark Kernohan, Security & Investigation Manager.

I have been involved with Retailers Against Crime since it’s inception in 1997, and have served on the National Board for the majority of this time, in various roles, prior to becoming Chairman of RAC in October 2010. Over the years I have watched RAC develop from operating in the three major cities in Scotland, Aberdeen, Edinburgh & Glasgow with only 47 member stores contributing and sharing intelligence; to it’s current format, serving some 1500 plus members nationally in Scotland, Northern Ireland, North West England and further. RAC has in this time, become a market leader in intelligence sharing between it’s members and similar bodies supported within the UK with the sole purpose of the detection and prevention of retail crime. For it’s members, this has supported the creation of safe shopping environments and a reduction in stock loss. The cornerstone of it’s success is that RAC is a “not for profit organisation”, with a small, but very dedicated team who have a passion for supporting retailers reduce loss”.


Gary Parkes, Profit Protection Manager.

In the fight against retail crime and, more importantly, the creation of a safe, secure and profitable retail environment; membership of Retailers Against Crime is an essential tool in our management structure. Having been involved with RAC for many years now, I continue to actively endorse the organisation both within my own property and, wider, through my network within the British Council of Shopping Centres. The key principal for any retail property and particularly shopping centres is that “prevention is better than cure”. This principal allows us to deter criminal activity before it even happens – effectively creating a “hard target”. Retailers Against Crime membership is invaluable in this regard due to the quality and currency of the information, coupled with the absolute professionalism of the team involved in disseminating the information in an accurate and easily understandable format, backed by world class support. On this basis, I would recommend Retailers Against Crime to any and all retail, shopping centre and retail park businesses”.

Kingsgate Centre Dunfermline

Neil Mackie, Centre Manager

RAC Northern Ireland provides an excellent service in Northern Ireland, bringing together businesses that otherwise may often be in competition in a common united goal – simply to reduce stock and cash loss. Through regular controlled centralised bulletins and alerts we are able to bring to the attention of all our stores criminals who may otherwise slip under the radar and continue undetected. We’re able to share experiences of persistent offenders and their MOs to target risks we may previously have been unaware of. Our stores have also availed of quality support training provided by RAC Northern Ireland on-site with store staff. Managers and Security staff attend regional meetings which provide a strong overview on current issues, which can then be relayed back to store staff. RAC Northern Ireland works through participation and can only grow stronger when more retailers join”.

Next Ireland

Keith Howie. Regional Loss Prevention Manager Ireland.

Sainsbury’s benefit from their membership with RAC Northern Ireland as this is a great way of sharing intelligence amongst similar retailers in our region were the same groups and individuals target all retailers. We really value the work that RACNI do for our stores and the information that they share with our security officers. Our officers are really engaged with sharing information and pictures through this tool.


Brian Treacy, Profit Protection Manager

I have been working in partnership with the RAC team for the past seven years now and find their service invaluable in the fight against crime. RAC provides my field team with support in intelligence gathering and analysis, offender profiling and admin. The quality of the service provided and the professionalism shown by the team at RAC would give any intelligence department a run for their money”.


Jim McFedries. Head of Profit Protection

Asda have worked in partnership with Retailers Against Crime from their beginnings and find this an invaluable method of sharing crime related intelligence with the other Retailers. In addition RAC provides our business with regular quality intelligence, offender profiling and support analysis to help protect our stores and profit. The growth and ongoing development of RAC is something that Asda are delighted to support and be part of”.


Iain Parker. Investigations Manager.

The most important and impacting improvement to the security at The House of Bruar is the joining of RAC. The intelligence provided along with images and names have enabled us to achieve a 100% success rate of identifying shoplifters this year. This in turn has led to a number of convictions and is a major deterrent. The continuous support and training provided by RAC is invaluable. I would recommend joining to anyone and only wish we had joined a long time ago”.

House of Bruar

Robert Day. Retail Manager. House of Bruar, Pitlochry.

Retailers Against Crime has provided our stores with an excellent first class service over the past 12 years. Working in partnership with RAC has enabled our stores to receive targeted intelligence assisting the store teams to be proactive in dealing with small, prolific, & professional offenders. Over the years RAC have supplied information and support that has helped identify, deter, and aid in the investigation of incidents resulting in successful outcomes. When you consider that a bulk theft, till theft, or card fraud can result in losses equating to hundreds and in some cases thousands of pounds at a time, the cost to invest in RAC membership is small, and an investment in protecting profits".


Thomas McCrindle. Loss Prevention Manager.Gap, Gap Outlet, & Banana Republic.

Iceland Foods number one security priority is the protection of our staff – and through minimising the risks that could affect our business it is essential that we work closely with a crime partnership who understands our operation and provides valuable active support. The key of the success in working with Retailers Against Crime is the localised service and intelligence provided to our stores assisting with specific issues also to the wider area, regional and national activity information. We work with RAC in Scotland, Northern Ireland, North West England and affiliated schemes in London and North East England. Through this RAC also provide national support through their partnership agreements across the country. Working in partnership with RAC, Iceland has no doubt reduced crime in our stores, protected staff and provided recourse to offenders”.


Duncan Miles, Head of Security