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We have a history of proven success assisting the retail community to detect and prevent crime

Retailers Against Crime

Founded in 1997, we are a national, not for profit crime partnership. We help detect and prevent crime, including acts of violence by sharing information on local and travelling offenders to our members in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the North West of England.

Our specialised staff analyse offenders, identify their methods, their associates and locations targeted. This enables us to forewarn our members who can then detect and prevent crime before it happens. We are at the forefront in identifying and providing intelligence on organised crime groups, many of whom are involved in other criminal activities including drugs, firearms, trafficking and terrorism.

Prevention is key to reducing retail crime and we run tailored training programmes for our members highlighting the most active suspects along with current trends. Members also have access to educational material designed to help them recognise and prevent crime.

As a community interest company, education is integral to what we do. We provide workshops to the wider community, including educating the younger generation on the effects of crime, investing in their future.

Retail Crime is an industry and has a significant financial impact upon retail and the economy. It can also have a detrimental effect on staff and customers. Businesses that invest in crime reduction measures and education to prevent crime will help create an environment where staff feel supported, businesses thrive and customers return. For RAC members, there are proven results clearly demonstrating that "RAC works".


Who is involved?

We share information with over 1500 retail businesses including national retailers, independent retailers, shopping centres, retail parks and link into local authorities and BIDs.

We work alongside our area’s four police forces: Police Scotland, Police Service of Northern Ireland, Cumbria Constabulary and Greater Manchester Police linking into police intelligence units to tackle force wide and cross border criminality and with neighbourhood policing teams to disrupt activity at a local level.

We support and share information with retail crime partnerships throughout the UK including the National Association of Business Crime Partnerships (NABCP).

" The regular flow of intelligence and offender profiling through to our store teams really helps us protect our stores. "

Stephen Rea
Asset Protection Senior Manager
North Division & Supermarkets

" Working with RAC and through their partnership agreements across the country has no doubt reduced crime in our stores, protected staff and provided recourse to offenders. "

Duncan Miles
Head of Security
RAC Chairman

" In the fight against retail crime and, more importantly, the creation of a safe, secure and profitable retail environment; membership of Retailers Against Crime is an essential tool in our management structure "

Neil Mackie
Centre Manager
Kingsgate Shopping Centre Dunfermline

" RAC provides an excellent service in Northern Ireland, bringing together businesses that otherwise may often be in competition in a common united goal – simply to reduce stock and cash loss. "

Keith Howie
Regional Security Manager Ireland

" Being a member of Retailers Against Crime provides our Security Support Team with additional tools to assist them with their role of supporting our stores. "

Steve Hogarth
Head of Profit Protection
Profit Protection

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