Your Membership Includes

  • Daily Alerts featuring the latest intelligence
  • Dedicated support of a specialist retail crime prevention team
  • Access to the RAC secure site and App 24/7 for reporting & viewing information
  • Access to CCTV footage for in house training
  • Intelligence meetings featuring crime trends
  • Retail Crime Techniques booklet to assist training staff on how to detect and prevent crime
  • Crime prevention advice and staff training available upon request
  • Conference and networking opportunities
  • Police Liaison for local and regional issues
  • Low cost subscription
  • Increased business profitability
  • Reduction in crime

Return on Investment

The return on investment is proven through the services we provide, past successes and the continued support of our members. The annual cost per premise can be saved in in an instant by using our information to recognise a suspect, deterring the theft, therefore preventing any loss. Heightened retail crime awareness to members through our training programmes/area meetings assists in maintaining a safe environment for staff, customers and members of the public

" The regular flow of intelligence and offender profiling through to our store teams really helps us protect our stores. "

Stephen Rea
Asset Protection Senior Manager
North Division & Supermarkets

" Working with RAC and through their partnership agreements across the country has no doubt reduced crime in our stores, protected staff and provided recourse to offenders. "

Duncan Miles
Head of Security
RAC Chairman

" In the fight against retail crime and, more importantly, the creation of a safe, secure and profitable retail environment; membership of Retailers Against Crime is an essential tool in our management structure "

Neil Mackie
Centre Manager
Kingsgate Shopping Centre Dunfermline

" RAC provides an excellent service in Northern Ireland, bringing together businesses that otherwise may often be in competition in a common united goal – simply to reduce stock and cash loss. "

Keith Howie
Regional Security Manager Ireland

" Being a member of Retailers Against Crime provides our Security Support Team with additional tools to assist them with their role of supporting our stores. "

Steve Hogarth
Head of Profit Protection
Profit Protection

If you wish to speak to our team for more information please get in touch