• 2nd May 2022

Shopworkers under attack in Edinburgh

"The figures are truly shocking and I am working to reduce the violence" – Angus Robertson MSP

Taking into account the total number of incidents, both reported and unreported, the figure is estimated to be nearly triple. That’s 10,500 incidents per year. It’s utterly appalling and hugely worrying.

In one central Edinburgh store, there are three recorded incidents per day. They tell me more will happen without gathering the attention of staff.

Having met with senior Co-op and Scotmid representatives, shop managers, members of the police community and security managers, I was shocked to hear about their experiences, and the frequency, of criminal behaviour.

Just weeks ago, a Co-op security guard in Edinburgh was attacked with a knife. The attacker was attempting to shoplift items with a value of about £7. In another incident, a group of teenagers broke windows and threw shards of glass at store colleagues during an attempt to steal alcohol. A security manager told me he struggles to find anyone to take security jobs.

The issue is not confined to individuals, one-off incidents or group attacks. Organised crime gangs are stealing high-value items such as ink cartridges, alcohol and razors to sell on the streets.

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